The Curator

_wsb_289x35_BILLCurator, Theatre of Memory


Bill is a lifelong musician, a broadcaster and a seasoned performer.  He is a collector and lecturer, focusing on moments and eons in the vast depths of time as well as the thrilling immensities of space.  He is a member of the Manuscripts Society and a contributor to Manuscripts Magazine.  Bill also works as the Entertainment Director for the City of Gainesville, FL Division of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs.


Theatre of Memory is a private museum wedded dangerously to performance art. All of the documents, artifacts and geofacts presented here are components of shows presented over the last decades in dramatic settings, after-school programs, book clubs and retirement communities. These people were all ready for fun, intellectually curious and kind enough to pay for a good story.

In our quest for good stories we pick through the flotsam and jetsam that time has washed upon the shores of now and sift for meaning. These pieces have come into our hands and our consideration for the short time that we walk the planet and we seek to share them and their stories with a wider audience. Never forget that the whole point of this enterprise had been to put historical documents, artifacts and geofacts into the hands of audience members interested enough to contemplate them and utter “What the…?” What you perceive herein are but ghost images of actual solidity.