Documentary History: Fragments From The New World

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Theatre of Memory offers a lavishly illustrated journey that runs from the first European explorations of America up through the Constitution as seen through the primary sources of history – documents and manuscripts written during the times. Hence, this is a view as seen through the lives of the Europeans who came. The Native American story is a rich and varied one that requires more than a mere mention here and it is told elsewhere.


In this Spanish Illuminated Herald from 1554 we see that the helmet on top of the crest looks to the side. The more royal the family, the more direct the gaze of the helmet. Thus, it is easy to imagine that, given primogeniture, there were sons who had to seek their own fortunes in the world. Unfortunately for the indigenous peoples of the New World, the Spanish flocked to grab what they could from their technological inferiors.
Illuminated Herald
Parchment with Paint

Theatre of Memory program: Documentary History – Fragments from the New World