Horsehair & Iron Brush

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Asian calligraphy can be profoundly ephemeral if written on a delicate rice paper, yet sculpted into stone it can carry messages for millennia. The tools for creating these beautiful communications are the literal horsehair brush and the figurative iron brush, respectively. What fun it is to enjoy a stunning array of created works in modern and ancient scripts. A thousand years ago in the Song dynasty, a pot of tea and great seriousness of purpose accompanied just such an event, where friends would celebrate culture, cleverness and artistry.


This small collection of calligraphy brushes actually includes materials of wood, bamboo, horn, bone, ceramic and glass with bristles of mountain goat hair, boar hair and horsehair.

Calligraphy Brushes
11” to 27”
19th and 20th Century

Theatre of Memory program: The Horsehair Brush and the Iron Brush