Journeys to Eastern Civilizations

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Before the days of the magnetic compass, mariners oriented themselves by the rising sun and hence, the East became “The Orient.” In the vast and exotic history of Asia, entire empires rose and fell over thousands of years of civilization and left behind artifacts richly deserving our wide-eyed regard. Be prepared for an “Ah-ha” experience, or if you prefer, “Ah…so.”


A Jade Teapot fashioned during the Song Dynasty, seems almost contemporary in design though it may be a thousand years old. And though tea is traditionally enjoyed for its contemplative and restorative properties, jade was believed to imbue cosmic properties as well. In the Song Dynasty artistic refinement was celebrated with friends over tea.

Jade Teapot
7” x 5” x 3″ 
Song Dynasty (960-1280) 

Theatre of Memory program: Journeys to Eastern Civilizations