Lure Of Autographs

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Human empathy rather than a mere lust for possession has motivated collectors around the world and in far distant ages to save the signatures and writing of the famous, the forgotten and the unknown. Examine rare and common examples for yourself. Autographs run from the mundane to the sublime, and it need not be signed to earn the designation of “autograph.”

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The Soul
The following sublime definition of the Soul is from
the sacred Books of the Brahmins. Proud and cultivated philosophy cannot furnish it better.

The Soul is an inseparable portion of the
great universal mind in other words of the Brahmins
like the being from whom it emanates
It is therefore indestructible it knows not
distinctions of time, it is free, immutable, eternal..
The winds cannot pierce it, fire cannot
burn it, water cannot drown it, the Earth
cannot absorb it. It is beyond the reach of the
Elements, invulnerable, invisible, universally
Subsisting, in all places and at all times
And victorious over Death


Autograph Sentiment Signed IK. 
No place. No date. 
Album pages watermarked 1843. 
1 p. 6 ¾” x 8 ¾” 

Theatre of Memory program: An Elegant Obsession – The Lure of Autographs