Not By Rice Alone

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The “Mysterious Orient” comes alive through the examination of art and artifacts from China, Japan and Indochina spanning the eras from ancient times through the 21st century. And it is wonderfully mysterious to the Western mind – therein lies the fun. Find out if you are capable of “paleo-psychology”.


Pictured here is a jade Cong (currently pronounced as tsung) from the Liangzhu Culture in China and from what is amusingly called the Late Period (3300 – 2200 BCE). Though the function of this artifact is still in question, there are those experts in China who believe that it was used to purify the chi or life force in a room.

Jade Cong 
7” x 3 ¼” 
Late Period Liangzhu Culture 3300- 2200 BCE 

Theatre of Memory program: Not By Rice Alone