Written in Stone

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There are stories in the stones – from the earliest zircons still extant, to the fossils found in unlikely places to the rocks shaped by Homo Erectus. To hold a stone tool or a trilobite or a meteorite is to kinetically connect with a past that all but eludes any sensible appreciation of the mind-boggling depths of time.


Trilobites ruled the planet for 200 Million Years having developed an exoskeleton to protect them from harmful UV rays in the early shallow sea shelf environment. This species carried so many dorsal geegaws as to almost obscure the three lobes from which it derives its name. Is there a taxonomist in the house?  Furthermore, the one pictured here is a “Bondo bug” made from the automobile repair material and limestone by some very clever hash-smoking, sweet-coffee-drinking Moroccans. This fossil truly exists as a cast of an ancient creature, but the one pictured here is a cast of a cast.

Approx. 3” x 3” 
Ordovician (?) 


Theatre of Memory program: Written in Stone